The interactive 2-day workshop will stimulate, foster and nurture the entrepreneurial flair in the women of today and culminate in an elevator pitch session to enable identification of potential women entrepreneurs who will be given additional intellectual, infrastructural and logistical support, based on their stage of idea/business.

The program intends to provide a platform to initiate interaction between the stakeholders so that the missing links can be added to create sustainable enterprises and narratable success stories.

Beginners’ Workshop:

This workshop will focus on providing fundamental knowledge on entrepreneurship all aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Advanced Workshop:

This workshop will focus on training the established women entrepreneurs (CXO/Founder or similar position)

Our Process

Evolve with us to
fly high in this entrepreneurial ecosystem



Women Entrepreneur Ambassador Program
  • 3 local women entrepreneurs per workshop will be designated as Women Entrepreneur Ambassador (WEA).
  • Each Ambassador will be assigned a workgroup and the progress of the group will be monitored.
  • Top two ambassadors of each state to be felicitated with a cash prize